20/366 – Jan 31, 2012

Macro - the first one!

Details: Nikon D5000, Nikkor 1.8G 35mm, F3.5, 1/20s, ISO 800

I really wanted to try my hand at macro photography…unfortunately, do not have enough money saved up now to invest in one immediately! So I ended up buying these cheap local close up filters for like Rs.500! I mean, if nothing else, it will give me a feel for macro photography!

So this is me, just trying out random stuff! 🙂 This is from a book that I am beginning to read now…I love how the texture of the page comes across in the image!

This image somehow reminded me of a question that was asked to me at my school farewell (10th standard – way back in 2001 – jeez..that’s 11 years ago!)…I was asked that as little girls we typically idolise our fathers, waiting for them to come home from office etc etc, but as we grow older, we somehow start to bring this gap between ourselves and our dads. Why does that happen? I didn’t have an intelligent answer to that question. Not then. Not now. There are some who will probably agree with the question, and some who won’t…either way, I don’t know the answer to that question! 🙂


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