45/366 – Feb 25, 2012

Serious Business This

Details: iPhone

So the only iPhone photo apps that I have used are Instagram and Camera+. Inspired by some seriously awesome clicks taken by a friend using Hipstamatic (I know, good app need not equal good photo, but then, no harm done trying!), I thought it was time I gave it a shot.

Most of the pics I took today ended being blurry – I was in a moving car and wasn’t really paying attention to the image. Just clicking, just trying to get the hang of the app. Anyway, my conclusion – it is a fun app, but like all other things in photography (and life, when you think about it!), practice makes you perfect. So I will continue to snap away, have some fun, learn and get better at this along the way! 🙂

PS – I guess I should have started the post by confessing that I ventured out of the house today, camera slung across the shoulder, only to realise about 30 mins later that I had left the memory card in the card reader. At home. Yes. Hence the iPhone to the rescue.


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