64/366 – Mar 15, 2012


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Went to Siddhi Vinayak temple with my Mom today. Now, I am not much of a temple visiting person, though I do believe in God and that there is a higher, supreme being somewhere. Amongst temples I do visit often (“often” being used really, really loosely here), Siddhi Vinayak would (probably) come up on top.

In my opinion, places of worship are where you can look for some quiet, make time for a thank you or a request and some general introspection. Which is why I prefer to visit Siddhi Vinayak on the off-days and off-times. Not to say that it would guarantee a peaceful visit – like today, it was not… There were too many people in that inner sanctum even in the middle of the afternoon. I have sometimes wondered – for all the “donations” that this temple gets, can they really not make the inner sanctum a little bigger…of course, you would still have people jostling and the appointed “guardians” prodding and shouting at people to make way for others, but it might just be a little better situation!

There was something else about today’s visit – I saw a female at the temple today wearing shorts, a deep cut  sleeveless top with ample amount of bra straps showing (and no, not in a peekaboo way). My first reaction was “that isn’t appropriate wear for a temple” (though by no means I would suggest that wearing Indian clothes is essential while visiting temples – there have been many occasions when I have worn jeans myself)…but then I forced myself to think – I was probably being as much of a moral police as those idiots who bash up couples on Valentine’s Day. I also realise that when I wear jeans to the temple, there may be many people frowning and going off in their heads “that isn’t appropriate wear for a temple”. As with everything else in life, one’s opinion on what is appropriate wear for a temple would tend to be highly subjective…

Does what you wear to a place of worship truly indicate your piety? Or do we need to have a general sense of guideline for dressing up for a temple / any place of worship visit (many places already have general guidance in place, I know)? Where do you draw the line of propriety?

In this particular, I realised that my problem was not so much with the shorts or the sleeveless top, but with the undergarments (or a part thereof) being out in full display! Call me narrow-minded, call me whatever, but I do draw the line at that. There just has to be some sense of respect. This is where I draw my line and I also realise, your line may be more than a foot away from mine. I may have a problem with that, but unlike the V-day goons, I will not bash you up and I hope you won’t too. 🙂

Yes, I know, I ramble.


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