101/366 – Apr 21, 2012

Photo on Canvas

Details: iPhone

I created this today – modge-podged a photo on canvas (following instructions from here). The picture itself is from a trip to Singapore with friends – it was my favourite of the whole bunch. I love the picture – the one on the canvas (and I know that the actual picture I took for today is quite crap in itself – angles and lines all over the place…Sheh!). It was from a great day spent at Universal Studios in Singapore. Such a fun-filled day! Come to think of it, it was a fantastic holiday on the whole – 3 days spent in Singapore during the Grand Prix… The sounds! Oh, the sounds of the cars racing past! Out of the world!

After the chaos that is Bombay, Singapore was like a welcome change. But then, some other people I know who have moved to Singapore after living in India most of their lives, find it way too clinical. Well, maybe it gets that way, I don’t know. What I do know is that holiday to Singapore could not have been more fabulous! 🙂

Not strictly in keeping with the Project but sharing a few pics from my Singapore holiday last year.


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