102/366 – Apr 22, 2012

We are Family

I was looking through some old pics from my childhood. I am planning to get a few of them framed in this way. Now, I do not own a scanner, so the next best way of converting them into a digital format was to take a photo of the old print – yes, you do lose some details, but works all right for my purpose.

The above picture is from I would guess 1989/90. It was taken at Zawar Mines – the first of the six places that I have lived in. Zawar Mines is a really small place a little while away from Udaipur in Rajasthan. This was at my Uncle’s place and you can see my maternal grandparents and some of my maternal relatives… And that is me, right at the bottom left, sitting on my Dad’s lap! 🙂

Oh, memories!


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