113/366 – May 03, 2012


Details: Nikon D5000, Nikkor 55-200mm, F11, 1/80s, ISO 250

Sometimes good intentions never really pan out the way you want them to. I really did want to do a themed challenge for a bit within the Project 366, like FatMumSlim’s Photo a Day Challenge. So I did two days of this challenge. Today would have been the 3rd day. And today’s theme was “Something you wore today.” Simple enough. However, I saw the gorgeous moon outside and I knew that today’s picture had to be of the moon. Yes, maybe I could have done two pictures for today, but then being as lazy as I am, that wasn’t gonna happen.

Lesson learnt – Long-term themed challenges are not for me, yet. However, I can very well use themes for some days out of an entire month of challenges. Yes, it would not be an entire month of the challenge but it would give me a few new ideas to work with.

Now coming to today’s picture. I had the tripod, I had a zoom lens going up to 200mm and I had a gorgeous moon. So I thought of taking a shot at moon photography. After a whole lot of trial and error, I managed to get a shot of the moon with the craters and all. However, when I zoomed in, I realised that the pictures were not that sharp. I took many shots but could not get one sharp image. The camera was on the tripod, I don’t have a cable release or remote control for the camera, so I was using the 10s timer and yet I could not manage to get a sharp moon image.

Can any of you let me know what I could have possibly been doing wrong? I would really appreciate your help on this one. I was shooting in the manual mode and tried to use a shutter speed of 1/250 and 1/125 but the images were turning out really dark and still blurry.


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