123/366 – May 13, 2012

2nd Bridge

Details: iPhone

I finally made it to Princep Ghat for an early morning shoot. Princep Ghat sits below the Second Bridge, about which I told you here. I did have my Nikon with me and I wanted to take exposure bracketed images to create a HDR image. In my opinion, the lighting wasn’t that great. It was a really flat sky and put it on lack of experience or expertise but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the images on my camera.

Thank God for the iPhone. It saved the day from being an entire waste of time. And of course, given how a non-morning person I am, that would have automatically turned me into Miss Grumpy Shoes for the rest of the day.

Some more images from the morning (I am being a bit indulgent here and putting in full-sized images):

Howrah Bridge

Princep Ghat

Like the way you love your morning cup of tea, people in Calcutta often prefer it with kochuri (stuffed, fried Indian bread) and jalebi (a popular Indian sweet). On weekend mornings, these stalls selling kochuri and jalebi are usually packed to the brim (that is, the pavements are, since these are mostly road side stalls). On our way back home, we stopped by one such stall to pick up our breakfast. The image below is of a basket full of kulhads (traditional terracotta handle-less tea-cup).



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