146/366 – A For Alphonso

A for Alphonso

Details: iPhone.

I wanted to do something more with this 366 series. Through past experience, I have realised that I can’t do a very strict theme based schedule. So this is what I came up with – the alphabet series, with a twist. The twist is that the letters will have to signify something related to Bombay. So today’s post is for A – Alphonso. It is by far Bombay’s most common and probably most favourite type of mango.

I am not doing this series in any particular order, so there will not be a post for B tomorrow…I will basically be showcasing the images as and when I click them (or a few days later, given that I am already running some 15 days behind! 🙂 )

So I am looking forward to showing you the Bombay alphabet! 🙂


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