An Update…Coming Back to Life

It has been more than a month since I last updated this blog. I will be honest – in all this while, I haven’t even taken many pictures. Clearly, that means that my Project 366 has suffered. I wish that had not been the case but unfortunately it is.

So what has really happened in this last one month? For starters, I started working again after almost a 6 month hiatus. I had started the Project 366 during the time I was not working, so my approach to this blog was quite different. My new job, while by no means more hectic than my previous one (where I was working for nearly 15-16 hours on an average), has taken some getting used to. There is a whole lot of learning involved and frankly, going from a “six-month holiday phase” to “regular work phase” has required a lot of adjustment on my part.

When I come back home from work, I have really not had the motivation to take out my camera and snap pictures. I hated the fact that I was not working on the Project 366 but I also knew that forcing myself to take pictures would really take away from the usual pleasure that I derived out of the process. I could have taken random pictures which did not convey much or have a sense of purpose around them solely for the sake of Project 366. But I did not. I allowed myself to take some time to get over my “photography disinterest”. And I am glad I did.

So today, I come back to this space with a better understanding of completing such a project with the constraints of a full-time job. Given a lot of current factors, it may not be possible for me to take pictures every day – and I am talking about meaningful, well-thought out photographs, not about pictures clicked just for the sake of the Project. So I am tweaking my project a bit – I will put up a picture for each day but it may or may not have been taken on the same day. I may take most of my pictures during the weekend and space out the posts during the course of the week. Yes, it may not be the Project 366 that I had envisaged at the start of the year, but that shouldn’t stop me from taking pictures and putting them up here.

I want to thank you all for sticking around here and I hope that you will come back to see more pictures being put up. I also hope that you all will support me in my decision to pick up the pieces of this Project from where I left it instead of abandoning it completely. With this tweak to my Project 366, I hope to take more pictures without making it feel like a daily chore.

In my next post, I will resume with Post No. 150 of the Project 366.

In the meanwhile, here are a few pictures that I have taken over these last few weeks.


6 thoughts on “An Update…Coming Back to Life

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  2. I hope your new work is going well and not more hectic than 15 or 15 hours per day for sure. Those are very long hours indeed.

    Along with your beautiful and thoughtful photo essay, I couldn’t help but think of your new approach to blogging as being wise indeed . . .

    yesterday I read about the wisdom of ‘slow blogging’ in the slow blog manifesto – i.e. quality blogging – not quantity (here is a link to that post –

    Less is more! Especially when we live busy lives like your long hours of work! I’m definetely going to take pause for thought about how I blog after reflecting on your post and the slow blog movement.

    I’ve blogged for 4 months now, and I love the diversity of people I’m meeting from around the globe – this is a moving way, to get a sense of the world, and get a sense of peoples lives as well.

    This shines through in your “Update – Coming Back to Life.”

    Cheers and best regards – Bruce (from Through the Luminary Lens)

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