Project 366

At the moment, this blog showcases my Project366, the idea being that in this leap year, I will attempt to take at least one photo every day. While I will attempt to post the images on a daily basis, there could be an occasional lapse with regard to that. Hopefully by the end of this project I would have become a better and more creative photographer.

In terms of rules, well, I did not want this project to be extremely restrictive. I am just starting to learn photography and my main objective is to improve my skills while having a little fun along the way. So, I can use whatever camera I have with me at that moment, which would typically mean either my Nikon D5000 or my iPhone. The photograph would have to be taken sometime during the 24 hours of that day, though they can be posted anytime. Post processing is allowed (of course! 🙂 ), but I will try to not go overboard with it. From time to time, I might use themes (for a week, maybe), but for the most part, the choice of subject will be determined by opportunity.

Over time, this blog might become a photoblog (or something else) than only a Project365/366 blog. That time is not now. 🙂

Your comments on the posts are most welcome.


Shirsha Ganguly


7 thoughts on “Project 366

  1. This is awesome!

    And have a LOT of fun along the way…a little would be not enough! 😉

    I hope all is well in Mumbai for you, I look forward to going back. Blessings!


    • Thanks a lot for dropping by and your kind comments! 🙂 I am certainly having fun along the way..some 50-odd days over.

      Bombay is great, for the most part. 🙂 Since you have visited Bombay before, I guess you know what I mean! 🙂

      I am following you on your new trail – all the best of that!

  2. This is a really cool project! I love seeing the pictures you take. i tried doing something like this with writing but never even started, haha 🙂

    • Thanks for the appreciation, Paulina. 🙂 🙂 Though I’ll be honest – I am not always very good about taking pictures everyday…and currently, I have a major backlog of pictures to post.

      • The effort matters most, though, right? 🙂 Good luck with your project!

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